All the reasons why you should enjoy the Amalfi Coast by Yacht

As the Mediterranean yacht charter hot spots start to buzz with action, it’s time to book your summer vacations. The incredible selection of Mediterranean yacht charter destinations is a banquet for virtually any lover that is cruising. From Croatia’s dramatic Dalmatian Coast to loving the beats of the Balearic Islands as well as Ibiza to relaxing along the dazzling and glamorous French Riviera, the Mediterranean is a treasure trove of charter destinations that are wondrous.

Why you should enjoy the Amalfi Coast by Boat

In early summer the quaint alleyways, sandy beaches and seaside restaurants of the Gulf of Napoli and the Amalfi Coast are seemingly peaceful.

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Naples is the perfect embarkation point for your Amalfi Coast luxury yacht charter vacation. One of Italy’s most bustling and atmospheric cities, be sure by visiting the ruins of Pompeii, among the wonders of the world to catch a glimpse of civilizations past. An active yachting centre, the crew will soon manage to stock up on all your charter choices here before setting sail into the Gulf of Naples.

An Amalfi Coast boat charter should never entail too much cruising, and at a mere 20 kilometers from Naples, an ideal first stop is made by the volcanic isle of Ischia.

Artists and writers have captivated with numerous natural treasures and its fabulous charm for centuries. Historic center is ’sed by the renowned square situated in the heart of Capri as your yacht drops anchor in Marina Grande, disembark and spend some time wandering the town of Capri itself and enjoy an aperitif in La Piazzetta. Request a glass of isle wine, from the Capri DOC. Red wine buffs will appreciate Capri Rosso, made from the neighborhood variety Piedirosso, whilst people who would rather have a fruity and refreshing glass of white will locate the Falanghina and Greco Bianco varieties used in a Capri Bianco more to their flavors.

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For the water infants amongst us, don’t overlook the Blue Grotto, a sea cave off the coast of Capri. Sunlight, which enters the cave from below the surface, illuminates the grotto in an incredible blue reflection. This cave has loved significance in the region since Roman times.

Why you should enjoy the Amalfi Coast by Yacht

No excursion to this corner of Italy is complete without visiting the UNESCO World Heritage listed Amalfi Coast. This serenely beautiful stretch of shoreline is scattered with traditional fishing villages which appear to cling on to the steep slopes which plunge into the sea below. There’s no uncertainty about it, the Amalfi Coast by yacht. Take your time discovering evocative towns for example Amalfi and Positano and witness first hand why artists, travelers and Hollywood have captivated for centuries. During your yacht holiday on the Amalfi Coast, request your crew to organize a visit to mountaintop Ravello, famed for it’s two really lovely gardens in Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone and its vast panoramic views. Catch the sunset sipping on the neighborhood specialty, Limoncello, before sitting down to enjoy a meal at one of the shoreline’s many gourmet restaurants, and after that get some sleep to ready yourself to do it all again tomorrow.

The Gulf of Naples as well as the Amalfi Coast actually are the ultimate early summer Mediterranean yacht charter destination.