Sailing Sicily Amalfi Coast Itinerary

The Amalfi Coast offers one of the world’s greatest shorelines for your yacht charter in Italy. The coastal excursion from Sorrento to Salerno will leave your movie exposed as well as your mouth open. The Sicily Amalfi Coast yacht charter itinerary contains some of the very appealing beaches and coves in South of Italy, together with extraordinary yacht charter locations.
Encounter vertiginous volcanic archipelago refuges and shorelines, landscapes on an Amalfi Coast as well as the Aeolian Islands yacht charter vacation in Italy!

Sailing Sicily Amalfi Coast Itinerary: day boat tour, week end, weekly, 14 and 10 days sailing routes

From the verdant, volcanic heaven of Lipari and Panarea in the Aeolian Islands, to the elegant islands of Ischia and Capri with an Italy yacht charter vacation you can research this graceful stretch of shoreline along the neighbouring Amalfi Coast. Amalfi Coast and the Aeolian Islands are both really popular destinations for the region and Italy as a whole, attracting a large number of tourists annually.

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Sicily Amalfi Coast Tour Itinerary:

Day 1st Palermo – Filicudi (64nm)
Set sail for the island of Filicudi. Anchor instantly. Filicudi is a tiny isle of nine square kilometres at the further reaches of the Aeolian archipelago which curves off the north-east shore of Sicily like a comet’s tail. What is remarkable about this place – apart from its beauty – is the emptiness… Anchored in tranquillity all you might see ashore is the bizarre goat, a few houses scattered among prickly pear trees and the blooming broom, and also the barest hints of human life in the isle’s two ports that are small. Most of Filicudi is totally wild despite being a mere hop from the party isle of Panarea.

Short hop around to islands of Salina. Anchor immediately (or sail a little further over to the party island of Panarea! This tiny island off the north coast of Sicily – the littlest of the seven Aeolian Islands sisters chain – has quietly become the epicenter of the very charming summer scene in the Mediterranean.) Or if you want more tranquility for your yacht charter in Italy, then Salina is the green and fertile stone of the Aeolian isles which remains more “off the beaten track”.

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Another shop hop to Lipari. Anchor overnight. Lipari is the centre of the Aeolian islands, and has the biggest concentration of tourist facilities, including bars, shops, restaurants. Chance to indulge ashore…

Day 4th Lipari – Messina (44nm)
Over to mainland Sicily, and in port of Messina overnight.
Messina is referred to as the doorway to Sicily, situated close to the peninsular acting as a busy thoroughfare to the mainland and was founded by the Greeks. Chiefly a port town, Messina is full of an ancient history that was unbelievable and feeling.

Stromboli (44nm)
Head north on your yacht charter Amalfi coast, to Stromboli. Anchor overnight to watch the fireworks of the active volcano! The island is exceptional due to the Stromboli‘s volcano: This continuously active volcano is one of the few in the world where a visitor can see an eruption most of the time. As a result of lack of a touristic harbour and large hotels the island has kept its original feeling: life in this spot of the planet is uncomplicated and relaxing.

Ponza (160nm)
Anchor at Ponza overnight. Ponza is among the largest islands of the Amalfi coast, with blue waters as well as a hilly landscape that was striking, frequent visitors who attempt to keep its charms a secret love the isle.

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Day 7th Ponza
Day 8th Ponza – Ischia (44nm)
Soft excursion around to the island of Ponza. In port overnight. Even larger than Ponza, Ischia is regarded as all the more wonderful than Capri. There are several towns along the shore, with loads of superb restaurants.

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Day 9 Ischia – Capri 18nm
Short hop to Capri. In port overnight. Well generally known as the center for luxurious yachting and also the rich and famous around Naples. The key harbour is the place to be seen in the summer, but there’s also a great deal to explore inland.

Day 10 Capri – Amalfi 18nm
Another short hop to Amalfi. Anchor overnight. Amalfi is a lovely town, assembled into the mountainous shoreline, full of charm and atmosphere. A yacht charter in Sicily and in the Amalfi Coast is ideal for your relaxing holidays.