When you decide or you are thinking about renting a boat for a sailing holiday with your friends and loved ones, you want to be awarded about the real cost of the charter, what this does include, the crew prices and tips and all the extras you may have.

When you hire a motor boat the most important cost to consider is the fuel price and the engine consumption of the yacht you are about to rent.

At the same time, if you charter a catamaran and the sailboat, don’t forget the fuel cost for the generator (that will be higher if you use the air conditioning all day and night long and if you don’t spend the night at dock, but you stay at anchor), together with the outboard engine consumption

Boat fuel consumption calculator

In order to make the right fuel consumption calculator, the closest to the actual price you are going to pay during your charter (always keep in mind the sea and weather conditions, that cannot be predicted in advance), first of all it’s important to have an idea about the sailing itinerary that you wish to enjoy, to have an estimate of the nautical miles you will cruise during your boat rentals.


That’s why we created the most innovative and advanced toll for the calculation of the boat fuel consumption, that allows you to start from your route, inserting the destinations you wish to discover on the map to have a current calculation of the nautical miles and, starting from that, calculate fuel cost boat. 

You can select the units of measure you are more familiar with, in this case the nautical miles (nm). Selecting the places we want to enjoy on the map, we will obtain the amount of total nautical miles we are thinking to cruise during our charter, in order to be able to calculate the cost and consumption of boat fuel.

Once you know the number of nautical miles you will sail, it will be necessary to know the engine power (the hp of the engine of the yacht) and the real consumption of the boat you are chartering or going to use, if you are the owner of it, in order to establish the fuel consumption of the vessel. 


The third and fundamental element you need to proceed and get the boat fuel calculation, is the market price of marine diesel, during the period of the year you will enjoy your sailing charter. Or at least, the approximate cost of marine diesel fuel. 

You can access on many websites, also marinas and ports webpages that will show you the prices of the petrol stations close by, in order to be updated, season by season and area by area, to calculate the actual fuel consumption of boat.


In order to define the boat fuel consumption and so the boat fuel cost, it would be necessary to fix the travel time, actually the cruising duration. 

Starting from the assumption that time is determined by computing the nautical miles divided by the knots (so the cruising speed), we will obtain the cruising hours fixed for the itinerary we intend to enjoy.

Let’s make an example on how to calculate boat fuel cost: if i wish to rent a yacht in the Aeolian Islands, Sicily and i consider that my weekly itinerary is about cruising 150 nautical miles, this is the calculation is will have to operate: 

Fuel consumption formula

T = NM / S

T = Time
NM = Nautical Miles
S = Speed


If the yacht you are renting has a cruising speed of 18 knots, below the result you will obtain: 

150 nm / 18 knots = 8,333 Hr

So in order to cruise 150 nautical miles at 18 knots, the time you will take is 8,33 hours. 

How much does the boat engines consume?

Let’s suppose that the engines of the vessel i choose for my vacation consume 250 lt/hr. Now you have to multiply the time you take for cruising (in this case 8,33 hours) by the boat fuel consumption.

8,33 hr x 250 lt = 2.082,50 lt 

The result we get, so the liters of fuel consumed during our itinerary, would have to be multiplied by the boat fuel cost, that we suppose (it’s just an example) 1,50 Euro / lt.

2.082,50 Lt x 1,50 Euro / Lt = 3.123,75 Euro

Are you ready to charter your boat now?

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