Corsica Sardinia or Sicily for Yachting Holidays in the Mediterranean?

Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily adorn the western shoreline that is Italian, basking in the sunlight of the Mediterranean. Whilst close each island has a distinct individuality. From the verdant mountains of Corsica to the sandy heat of Sardinia along with the hustle and bustle of Sicily. From the serene reserve of the Corsicans to the gentle humility of the Sardinians as well as the crude and noisy Sicilians. Nevertheless each island has a history which in preceding years has departed from that of its motherland that is current. Over the years, waves of invasion have shoved the native people farther into the inside of their person isles, raising their hostility to outsiders reinforcing their awareness of local identity and boosting family cultures which in some events have evolved into independence movements.

The French and Italian Rivieras are culturally miles apart despite being next door neighbours and an itinerary that takes in both – supplying a chance that is fascinating to compare the three is selected by many yachts.

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The French island of Corsica is one of the most unique destinations in the Mediterranean. Striking rock formations provide a backdrop to, and sometimes , numerous port towns that are conceal. Innumerable other smaller ports and these have their particular nature – that is commonly french and not surprisingly, all provide a tempting combination of local wines, cheeses and fish dishes which might be valued surrounded by the breathtaking scenery.
The breathtaking views from atop the rocky cliffs lining the Corsican coastline offer postcard images that are perfect with each click of the shutter. The wonderful beach at Palombaggia, close to the town of Porto Vecchio is unspoiled by beach houses and resorts. Nature in the raw is clear through the bulk of Corsica’s broken mountain terrain. The isle is actually a promised land for adventuresome hikers and nicely-tuned cyclists.

The old city reveals its roguish history throughout the narrow roads lined with centuries old architecture. The neighborhood cuisine is known for its clams full of melted or cream Roquefort, a stunning peculiarity. Corsica in general is an area that is meaty, featuring all sorts of ham, salami and local cheeses and wines. Not as much seafood as one would anticipate from a Mediterranean isle with old time fishing villages lining its northern coast. Wild boar is just one of the isle’s delicacies.

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Standing watch over the vessels that pass during the Mediterranean Sea are the French island of Corsica and additionally the Italian island of Sardinia. As you jump from island to island on a luxury charter yacht, the provincial French culture joins magnificently with Italian charm.

The fourth largest freestanding island in the Mediterranean, her breathtaking and rocky shoreline is unparalleled and Corsica’s Monte Cinto rises high out the dazzling sea, creating beautiful views for an isle cruise by yacht. Value natural beauty is ’sed by more of the island by means of a trip to the Scandola Nature reservation, a World Heritage Site. The juxtaposition of reddish cliffs is a feast for the eyes.

The old time fishing hamlets flank the isle in the north are worth the visit. These tiny cities of Maccinagio and Centuri offer a view into yesteryear section of the Genovese Empire. Calvi’s spectacular littoral and shallow waters are a perfect and popular area to shore during the summer season. A Sardinian yacht charter is not complete with no stop at Porto Cervo’s Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, which is hull-to-hull with the finest high-end yachts on earth from June to September.



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