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Milazzo Yacht Rental

Milazzo is located on the east side and at the base of a small peninsula of 8 km on the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily, from which port the yachts depart direct to the Aeolian Islands. In the old town there are religious and civil buildings, palaces and villas of imported families of the area.
At Cape Milazzo, 6 km from the town, you can admire the Aeolian Islands and the northern coast of Sicily, up to the Mount Etna. The coast of Milazzo offers beautiful beaches of Milazzo and the lovely village is full of shops and restaurants. At the extreme point of the peninsula there are the lighthouse and the shrine of St. Anthony of Padua, where the view is breathtaking. Are ongoing projects to add the Castle, the fortified city and the ancient village in the sites of the UNESCO.
During your Milazzo Boat Tour, thanks to its privileged position, you will discover the breath taking Aeolian Archipelago. You can choose to dedicate your Milazzo boat rental to one island, between the biggest Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Panarea or the captivating Stromboli (tour available by day and by night Stromboli cruise) or to combine the trip, discovering two enchanting islands. For example cruising in Vulcano and Lipari, or swimming in the turquoise waters of Lipari and Salina or to mix the fascinating Panarea with the volcanic Stromboli.
milazzo-yacht-tour-milazzo-boat-tour-milazzo-boat-hire-milazzo-boat-rental-milazzo-yacht-rental-milazzo-boat-trip-itinerary-routeStromboli is the youngest island of the Archipelago, so exciting for an Aeolian yacht charter. It’s in constant activity, worthy forge of Hephaestus, the God of Fire. It’s form is a volcano cone, whose top erupts incandescent lava incessantly, that goes down along the “Sciara del Fuoco”, lighting up the night. Stopping by the Sciara del Fuoco aboard our luxury yacht, or spending there the night at anchor, is the perfect way to enjoy the incandescent volcano’s eruptions. The colors of the waters in Salina, as well as the views, are amazing and minute by minute provide an experience increasingly strong, remaining in your heart of sea lovers. The picture-perfect Panarea, ideal destination for your Milazzo boat trip, both for family holiday and for nightlife addicted. Lipari with its impacting cliffs,testimonial of the past centuries, of the passage of Romans and Greeks: picturesque village, the largest of the Aeolian Islands, with wonderful colors, waters, foods and flavors. Finally Vulcano, the closest to the port of Milazzo, admired by Alexandre Dumas, one of the treasures of Sicily.
You can customise your Milazzo Boat Rental, deciding which islands or islands better meets your tastes and preferences, being sure to live a great sailing experience in one of the most beautiful destination you could never visit.

When you organise your Milazzo boat tour, pay attention to the Informations below and do not hesitate to contact us for any additional requirements, needs or preferences about your Milazzo boat trip. Send us your enquiry, with date , destination, number of guests and all details about your charter and enjoy your unforgettable discover of the amazing Aeolian Islands! We are pleased to assist you with any details of your daily excursion, planning step by step your trip by night, in order for you to live the best sailing experience ever, satisfying all your wishes.


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