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Panarea Boat Tour

Panarea, “the island crowned by the rocks”. Actually thanks to its rocky coasts, the colors of the sea in Panarea is an encyclopedia of blue, a continuous succession of unparalleled shades. It’s the smallest island, but it is believed that Panarea was the biggest and the older of the Aeolian Islands and that a titanic underwater explosion divided in a thousand pieces, one more beautiful than the other. The geological nature of the Island allowed the generous growth of Mediterranean vegetation, as prickly pears, capers and ginestre. It is called “The Sweet Panarea”, destinations of many luxury yacht Panarea and sailing boats, is known not only for its natural beauty, but also for its nightlife, the most active of the Seven Sisters.
The best way to enjoy the enchanting island, known as the pearl of the Aeolian Archipelago, is absolutely from its most privileged vantage point: the sea. The best marinas for the embarkation of your Panarea boat tour are Milazzo and Portorosa. Embarking in Milazzo, the main port for the Aeolian Islands, for a Panarea boat excursion, you will enclose in one day Panarea boat hire all the most important attractions and striking coves: Dattilo and Lisca Bianca, San Pietro and the Palomba’s Cave, Basiluzzo and Bottaro, the smaller islets as Lisca Nera, Panarelli and Le Formiche, and finally Cala Junco. panarea-boat-tour-panarea-yacht-tour-panarea-boat-excursion-panarea-boat-hire-panarea-yacht-tour-luxury-yacht-panarea-route
Actually Dattilo is an island which belongs to the Aeolian Archipelago. It’s uninhabited and is located about 1.5 km from Panarea. It is characterized by steep slopes on the East and mainly cliffs on the West side. Dattilo is what remains of ancient volcanic vents belonging to the apparatus of Panarea. Lisca Bianca is a small island, with the surface inclined from West to East, so named for the whitish color of its rock. In the past here it was mined alum. In Lisca Bianca there is the small Cave of Lovers, “Grotta degli innamorati”, where the legend says that whoever kisses will stay together forever.  The Panarea Boat Tour continues reaching San Pietro and the striking Palomba’s Cave and then discovering Basiluzzo, the largest of the islets and rocks that surround Panarea. Basiluzzo is an island of volcanic origin (as well as all the Islands), which, together with the nearby islets, is what remains of ancient vents belonging to the apparatus of Panarea. The Panarea boat excursion to this big rock is very impressive because of the morphological peculiarities of its coasts. After admiring also Bottaro, finally we reach the much loved Cala Junco, located in the southernmost area of the island. It’s not a coincidence that Cala Junco is considered by most, the most beautiful destinations of Panarea: it is a beautiful natural pool of clear water, with green and blue stripes and once was the natural harbour of Cape Milazzo. Enjoy your Panarea boat excursion!

When you rent luxury yacht Panarea pay attention to the Informations below and do not hesitate to contact us for any additional requirements, needs or preferences about your Panarea Boat Tour. Send us your inquiry, with date and number of guests and all details about your charter and enjoy your unforgettable discover of the enchanting Panarea! We are pleased to assist you with any details of your Panarea boat excursion, planning step by step your Panarea boat hire, in order for you to live the best sailing experience ever, satisfying all your wishes.


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