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Stromboli Tour by Night

Stromboli is the most captivating of the Aeolian Island, thanks to its active volcano and to the atmosphere that characterise this wild and breath taking island. Embarking in Milazzo, the main port for the Aeolian Islands, in early afternoon, for your Stromboli Night Cruise, you will enclose in one Stromboli excursion nuit all the most important attractions of the Island, enjoying the wonderful volcano that lights up the night skies during its eruptions, without giving up comforts and privacy, on board our luxury motor yacht. During the Stromboli night excursion it will be possible to enjoy a wonderful sunset, taking advantage of the position and the way to go to reach Stromboli, admiring the other Islands of the Aeolian Archipelago and the most important areas of Stromboli, concluding the Stromboli excursion nuit with the grand finale: the volcano’s eruptions in front of the Sciara del Fuoco.
The Stromboli tour by night will begin embarking in Milazzo, cruising along the marvellous Capo Milazzo, around the rocky cape to Baia del Tonno on the western side of the isthmus and reaching Stromboli. Strombolicchio, first wonderful stop of our Stromboli night excursion, is a minuscule rock in the Aeolian Archipelago. stromboli-tour-by-night-stromboli-night-boat-tour-stromboli-night-cruise-stromboli-night-excursion-stromboli-excursion-nuit-itinerary
A majestic succession of colors and pure nature. In front of Strombolicchio, there is Scari, made up of lava pebbles. After Scari Beach, there is Ficogrande, the most popular beach of the island, made up of pebbles and volcanic black sand and its sea is deep blue. The beach of Punta Lena, next to Ficogrande, a gray granite coast where with cobalt blue waters will welcome you in absolute peace where the whistling of the wind and the waves breaking on the shore will be the only sounds you hear. Continuing the Stromboli excursion nuit to North we’ll find Piscita’ and on the West side, Ginostra and its little pools, only accessible by the sea. The Stromboli night excursion continues, finally reaching the Sciara del Fuoco, steep slope, formed by lava and incandescent slag, that from the crater of the Stromboli’s volcano goes down to the sea, where the incandescent volcano lights up the night skies. On board our yacht you will enjoy the Stromboli night cruise and admire this unique natural spectacle, enjoying every moment of the eruption of the volcano, from a privileged, comfortable and protected position.

Pay attention to the Informations below and do not hesitate to contact us for any additional requirements, needs or preferences about your Stromboli Night cruise. Send us your inquiry, with date and number of guests and all details about your charter and enjoy your unforgettable discover of the striking Stromboli! We are pleased to assist you with any details of your Stromboli tour by night, planning step by step your trip by night, in order for you to live the best sailing experience ever, satisfying all your wishes. Enjoy your Stromboli night excursion!


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