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The best way to discover Vulcano, thanks to its extraordinary location and natural beauty, is absolutely from its most privileged vantage point: the sea. Embarking in Milazzo, the main port for the Aeolian Islands, for a Vulcano boat excursion, you will enclose in one day all the most important attractions and striking coves: the black beaches of Gelso, Grotta del Cavallo, Venus Pool, Cala Formaggio, Mastro Minico’s Cove, Praia Longa, Porto Ponente and Capo Secco, Cannitello Beach and Spiaggia dell’Asino.

vulcano-yacht-tour-vulcano-boat-tour-vulcano-boat-trip-vulcano-boat-excursion-rent-yacht-vulcano-routeThe Vulcano boat trip will begin embarking in Milazzo, cruising along the marvellous Capo Milazzo, around the rocky cape to Baia del Tonno on the western side of the isthmus and reaching Gelso, in Vulcano. Gelso, charming fishing village and picturesque and peaceful landing, is known for its characteristic black beaches and for a delightful restaurant, known for its aeolian recipes, called “Trattoria da Pina”. Cruising on board our luxury motor yacht, you will experience an exclusive Vulcano boat tour, without giving up any comfort or ease, even fully enjoying and admiring places delightfully unique. From the black sandy beaches of Gelso to the encyclopedia of blue of the Venus Pool, “Piscina di Venere” in italian. A natural spectacle of colors, crystal clear sea, breathtaking landscapes and scents and flavours typical Aeolian, that will let you live a remarkable Vulcano yacht tour experience. After the wonderful stop at the Venus Pool, with crystal clear and shallow waters, ideal for unforgettable swims, the tour continues to the striking Horse Cove. La Grotta del Cavallo, which was named by the presence of seahorses, is an obligatory stop for snorkelling and diving lovers and it’s known for its translucent clear waters. Then the Vulcano boat trip will proceed to Porto Ponente, discovering Cannitello and Praia Longa. The Vulcano boat excursion will proceed circumnavigating Vulcanello and then stopping in Capo Secco, Mastro Minico and Cala Formaggio. The Vulcano boat trip will ends in Spiaggia dell’Asino, before sailing back to Milazzo, where you will disembark. after this remarkable and unique Vulcano boat excursion.

“De toutes les îles Eoliennes, c’est sans aucun doute à Vulcano que le règne minéral explose dans toute sa splendeur. Roches, laves, scories, barrancos, fumerolles, boues sulfureuses, sable noir… tout semble prétexte à célébrer le royaume de la pierre.”
Alexandre Dumas

Volcano, it looks like Hell, but it is a Paradise.
Alexander Dumas published his “Impressions de voyage in Sicile” after visiting Volcano. Here he could see the veins of the Earth, taking different colors. After 1890 everything was destroyed by the last eruption of the volcano. Since that moment, fumes and steam characterise the SPA treatments of the Island. Volcano, that the Romans dedicated to Hephaestus, God of Fire, contains a real Paradise in its sea: the waters are clear, turquoise. During a Vulcano boat tour on board a motor yacht it’s possible to admire dolphins playing with the boat and whales jumping with their puppies. White steam rise continuously from the fumaroles. Sunsets and sunrises are a gift of nature and their reflects in the clear sea, a gift for our senses.

When you rent yacht Vulcano pay attention to the Informations below and do not hesitate to contact us for any additional requirements, needs or preferences about your Vulcano Yacht Tour. Send us your inquiry, with date and number of guests and enjoy your unforgettable discover of the striking Vulcano! We are pleased to assist you with any details of your excursion, planning step by step your Vulcano boat trip, in order for you to live the best sailing experience ever, satisfying all your wishes.


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