Travel Tips for your Aeolian Islands Sailing Holidays

Astonishingly beautiful and extremely varied, various uninhabited islets of the seven islands and also the Aeolian archipelago were designated a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2000. Their volcanic origins made a remarkable heritage of black-sand beaches, craters that were smouldering and splintered, rugged shorelines. Isle-hoppers can find their individual draws: from the spartan conical Alicudi, where donkeys are the lone form of land transportation, to the international jet set playground of Panarea.

This has been a volatile section of the world ever since the very first land mass, Filicudi, emerged from the sea 600,000 years past. There are just two active volcanoes, Stromboli and Vulcano, and volcanic activity on most of the other isles or thermal waters waiting to be used, of some kind, whether steaming fumaroles. Winter storms see the isles cut off for days.

The head count swells to 200,000 in summer: ports fill with yachts; the quite beautiful and the overflow seashores pubs and with very wealthy. In August, the affluent and famous sail in to Panarea on their multi-million-euro yachts to dwell villas or € 500 -a- hotel rooms that are nighttime, and they don’t do it. This really is easily the most fashionable and expensive of the isles, nevertheless there’s more variety in the Aeolians than a quick jaunt around Panarea’s coastlines in peak season might lead you to think about.


The 5-hour return nighttime hike on top of Stromboli is something you’ll never forget. The landscape is just one of powerful contrasts, reddish lava, small but very high islets with perpendicular walls and crystal clear waters, black sands and deep caverns, columns of frozen rock of the ocean. Each isle has its very own characteristics and peculiarities, however they all can embrace the voyager with that magic spell that made this place our favourite in the world, hands down.

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Life on the islands of the archipelago is very funny out of the active months of August and July. The neighborhood populace is somewhat unusual, to say the least… Only get lost in the streets and by sundown you will be sipping with the locals.

You won ’t have shortage of surprises when you sit down at the table in this area. The locals enjoy their suppers long and considerable, and in addition you may experience a slight sensation of overfilling. When you eat around here, you get the complete value of stop and also a siesta wondering why their companies shut between 4 and 12 … The number of fish is quite wide-ranging, the local specialties never-ending.

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Stromboli: it’s impossible to overestimate the subtle appeal and attractiveness that is violent of the island that is exceptional. With its volcanic fireworks which are continuous, the fiery furnaces of hell are closer to the heavens in relation to the tolling of the church bells. Sometimes, with westerly winds, a violent thunder remind the pub -going visitors that genuinely one is standing on an open scar on the Earth’s crust. The show that was pirotecnic could possibly be either leisurely valued sailing under the Sciara of the W side during the night, or respected from the top after a 3-hour hike. The main village is a continuous surprise of tiny streets, hollering fishmongers, perfect whitewashed houses, little squares, tiny shops and hip bars (Barbablù on the very top of the list). Remaining here during a gale is a serious matter and requires a perfect mastering of continuous lookout and anchorage techniques with lines . Reserve for Stromboli your most peaceful days. The supermarket is somewhat depressing, but the butcher can elevate the spirits of any amazing trencherman. Fish could possibly be bought from a supremely voice-talented chap who goes around screaming ‘Fresco pesce’ (fish fresh) around noon in the primary square.

Panarea: the most fashionable destination Panarea, in the archipelago flies high in the central days of August and fast falls into a quiet somnolence for the remaining portion of the year. The good anchorage of Milazzese enables tranquil stays in westerlies, in addition to a great starting point to walk across the streets of the isle. Eateries here tend to be more expensive than quality that is certainly amazing, so are the shops. Not a lace where to stock up, but certainly Panarea offers the very best swimming divisions in the area at Cala Nave, Lisca Bianca Basiluzzo and Cala Giunco.

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Salina: this double-cone isle offers great shelter only S of the Santa Marina harbour. The town of Santa Marina resides around the main street, running between trendy balconies wonderful shops, old Sicilian houses and large churches. You can walk this road up and down without becoming bored. The fishmonger right in the harbour is one of the finest in the islands, so is the butcher in the main street. Try a fresh cannolo at Matarazzo behind the terminal.

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