Sardinia is one of the most important yacht charter locations in the ever popular Western Mediterranean and this gorgeous island sees some of the very best and newest private luxury yachts in the world during summertime. Some of the most attractive beaches and harbours in the Mediterranean attract the motor yachts into these emerald shores, whilst the island’s fair summer breeze and notable yachting regattas draw in the luxury sailing yachts to go to. Sardinia yacht charter offers an exciting mixture of history and rugged beauty culture with posh vents, restaurants, designer shops and beach clubs.


When you like your Sardinia yacht charter vacation onboard a head turning crewed luxury yacht you have the liberty picked at harbours, bays, shores and towns on this beautiful jewel of the Western Mediterranean. There’s a wide range of luxury superyacht charters available to suit your particular needs.

Sardinia is a draw card for all types of yacht sailing and charter holidays to the latest new impressive yachts from open design power boats. The famously fashionable Sardinia is an autonomous Mediterranean island which has preserved its natural beauty, rich culture, and fascinating history. 300 days of sun and fantastic natural beauty attracts audiences VIPs, celebrities and the luxury yachts.


Sardinia is a world unto itself. It is an island of Italy, where the language is incomprehensible to all Italians. An island with one of Europe’s most stunning coastlines; it’s waters teem with fish; it’s golden sands vanish into oceans of blue; it’s rugged mountains are covered with flocks of sheep making cheese so pungent, your palate won’t ever forget.

Sardinia is completely unique and the perfect place for a yacht charter holiday that combines the exotic and excitement. Throughout the summer boats flock to Sardinia. With an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, concentrated from April to September and winds off the continent, the climate that is Sardinian, can be quite delightful and not as hot as yacht charter regions in the Mediterranean.


Summers tend to attract lovely warm days and crowds of millionaires, supermodels and luxury yachts, especially to the prestigious Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in Porto Cervo, near Olbia.

For Sardinia bays and ports will allow you to explore some stunning and sheer terrain. A good start is the Grotte di Nettuno (Neptunes Caves) on the beautiful Capo Caccia to the north.sailing-guide-sardinia

The Sardinian yachting scene has increased in popularity and gone from strength to strength of late, and the varieties of luxury charter yachts available are all the main types, such as motor, sailing, skippered, crewed yachts, catamaran, power boat, sailboat, luxury yachts and the ever more frequent superyacht charter.


As with other parts of Italy and the Mediterranean, the Sardinian yacht chartering season runs from April to the end of October. The summer season in August and July tends to have winds and is the hottest. This is the high season so far as yacht charter goes.

Plain sailing with all the end you need

Sardinia has a typical Mediterranean climate with three chief winds to ensure terrific conditions for sailing: The strong Maestrale – from the north down along the west shore, the strong Ponente – offshore west coast breezes through each season, and the warm Scirocco prevailing on the east coast.

Geography and landscape

The island is 270 km from north to south and 145 kilometers from east to west. It’s 190 km away from the Italian mainland and 12 km from Corsica. It has an intriguing geography with mountains over 1,800 m. The seldom seen rain comes mainly from fall and the winter.

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The gorgeous Sardinia marine shore

There are hundreds of private coves and beaches. Find solitude in the plethora of hidden bays and big saltwater lagoons and pools.

sardinia-yacht-charter-guideHaving a Sardinia yacht charter, you will enjoy gorgeous crystal clear turquoise waters varying in all shades from green to blue.See the stunning rock formations in the north and mesmerizing dunes on the west. Check out the relaxed sophisticated ambiance of the famous Emerald Coast.

There are many reserves and the best way to experience this bounty is by ship.

The island has laws prohibiting new building activities near natural and cultural sites. Solar power and wind have increased in recent years. Carlo Rubbia, Nobelist in physics, is currently producing an experimental solar renewable energy using Jatropha and Colza oils.

Rare native animals and plants

Squid, tuna, scampi, bottarga, rock lobster, sardines, and other seafood are overriding in Sardinian cuisine. This is fresh and easy Mediterranean seafood at its best. Also, suckling pig and wild boar are boiled or spit-roasted in vegetable and bean stews, thickened with bread. Your personal chef on your yacht will have the ability to gather fresh Sardinia components and create any other styles, as well as Sardinia inspired cuisine to your taste your request.

Rich cultural customs still alive

Sardinians stay hosts that are warm-hearted that are enthusiastic. The native language is spoken on the island, in addition to Italian. Sardinia is home to one of the types of vocal polyphony, called Cantu A Tenore, which Frank Zappa and Peter Gabriel have found irresistible.


Sardinian culture is alive and well, and folks are involved – with carnival costumes and a three instrument that is unique. Sardinia has generated jazz musicians like Antonello Salis, Marcello Melis, and Paolo Fresu. Goat and sheep rearing continue to be essential for cheese making. Crafts include jewelry, carpets, textile, lacework, basket making, and coral.

Intriguing ancient history with fascinating remnants in Sardegna, Italy

Sardinia has a special heritage dating from 4000 BC – such as African Berber pirates, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Saracen raiders, Spaniards, and the Phoenician sailors, famines survived on weeds and wild ferns, kidnappings, and subversion. Much of this history is apparent from remnants and influences on the coastline and can be observed from your boat. Some of the best sites require you and a shore trip can ask charter agent or your captain to organise this for you.

Here are a fascinating remnants:
• Giants’ Tombs — at Aiodda close Nurallao-Nuragus and Coddu Vecchiu
• Nuraghe — megalithic round tower-fortresses such as at Su Nuraxi di Barumini – a UNESCO World Heritage Site
• Castle – 13th century, at Acquafredda near Siliqua
• Necropolis – Anghelu Ruju

• Romanesque church – of Santa Maria del Regno
• Catalan church – 16th century, at Assemini
Ghost villages and industrial architecture — in Argentiera
Paintings in the 15th century — in Benetutti church
• Fascinating cave — at Bonu Ighinu


Carved into sheer cliffs, Costa Smeralda, in italian — or the ‘Emerald Coast’ — of Sardinia’s bays truly live up to their name, with white sand beaches lapped by turquoise waters that are breathtaking. Much of the Sardinian coastline is a nature reserve that is dedicated, with miles of beaches and grottos accessible only by boat. Other, celebrities and models frequent this area in the summer months, which is starting to rival the South of France for its luxurious resorts and private jet ways.

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Porto Cervo is the region’s centre — its marina is home to the club home of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda — and during September yachting aficionados congregate to watch the Sardinia Cup Regatta.

Porto Cervo and the Emerald Coast

The opulence and restricted road access to the Costa Smeralda have made the region especially popular for luxury yacht charters and visiting superyachts . Throughout September, yacht charter guests can take part in the regatta or soak up the atmosphere in the beach side parties, together with the sailors and owners of some of the yachts ever built.


Away from glamour of Porto Cervo and the giltz, the remainder of Sardinia offers mountainous paths towns, and magnificent coastline with loads of options for day hikes. If the mood takes you its assortment of ports offer a colourful welcome offering bays to explore by kayak. With thousands of kilometres of coastline, if you to soak up some of the tranquility of this island, you won’t struggle to discover a secluded beach.

Your Sardinia itinerary should without a doubt include a brief sail on the island of Corsica — the ideal way to experience both flavours to the town of Bonifacio. This old town is filled with narrow streets and chic shops winding medieval townhouses that were past, and brims with older Italian charm. Your passage into Bonifacio by yacht will be an unforgettable moment as you pass into the harbour through a long and narrow gap in the cliffs.

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