Yachting Destinations: Catamaran, Sail and Motor Boat Charters in Sicily for your Sailing Holidays in 2017

Sicily is the biggest of the Italian islands, divided by the Strait of Messina from the Continent and encompassed by the Mediterranean Seas, the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian.
It is one of the pearls of Southern Italy and can be discovered, understood and experienced through a number of itineraries dedicated to places of interest which range from nature to history and customs.

Nature seems to have endowed all its wonders in no way inferior to those of other seas, to this land: mountains, the sea and above all of hills, with its unbelievable shades, its crystal-clear water as well as the beauty of its seabeds.

Boat charters in Sicily: all you have to know about this unique island

Here, the Mediterranean Sea, with its many little islands scattered across the coasts of Sicily – The Aeolians, Pelagie and Egadi Islands, Pantelleria and Ustica – offers unique along with the extreme sceneries, flavors and scents of uncontaminated nature.
Last but not the very least, its great volcanoes are symbols of the irresistible beauty and energy of this unbelievably charming region.

Etna, the biggest active volcano in Europe, is on Sicily‘s eastern coast and is among the fundamental stops for all those needing to find this region. Exceptional landscapes have been created by its breathtaking eruptions over the centuries.

History and culture to discover during your sailing holidays in Sicily

Visitors interested in breathtaking landscapes can choose from among the protected reservations in the natural parks in Etna. The Madonie and the Nebrodi parks, in addition to the volcanic paradise of Pantelleria, are sprinkled with enchanting oases like that of “Pertusa di Notaro” (“Cold Pit”), a grotto noted for the extremely fresh air that passes through i), and dammusi, the old stone houses typical of the isle.
The archipelago comprises seven islands – Lipari, Vulcano, Stromboli, Salina, Filicudi, Alicudi and Panarea – as well as a string of islets and rocks of smaller dimension.

Another world value certified by UNESCO is the archeological region of Agrigento, among the most important towns of Magna Graecia.

On Sicily’s southeastern shore stands joint UNESCO World Heritage Site with the Necropolis of Pantalica since 2005, Syracuse.
This ancient Greek colony fronts an evocative natural port that’s blocked on its east by Ortygia, the oldest urban center here. Every corner and cranny of the city offers prized archaeological testimonies that remember the splendor of Magna Graecia.
“If someone should spend just one day in Sicily and ask: What should I see? I would reply without hesitating… Taormina… This small village is only a landscape, however a landscape where it’s possible to find everything to seduce your eyes, your spirit, your imagination.” This really is the way the famed French writer Guy de Maupassant described Taormina, striking on the essence of the little jewel midway between Messina and Catania.
The undisputed ruler of the historical and beautiful land is definitely the sea, that may be appreciated in so many different ways: windsurfing and kitesurfing with the wind and also the waves, exploring the fantastic seabeds, or relaxing on one of the various coastal beaches.
Here, the power of the sea, together with that of the wind, allows for the chance to feel the delight of “running” or even “flying” over the crystal clear waters of the shores of San Vito lo Capo, Mondello, Cefalù, Marina di Ragusa, Taormina, the Aeolian Islands, Pantelleria, Lampedusa, and Ustica, merely a number of the many areas where one can practice these sports year-round.

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While individuals who prefer other means can choose to explore these wonderful places on a horse’s back or riding a mountain bike trekking lovers can go on a guided excursion along the courses of Sicily‘s natural parks.

It ought to be said that in recent years Sicily has even become an important destination for fans of golf. Several new courses have made their dwelling on the island, which is host to the by-now famous Sicily Open.

The Belpaese has always been considered one of the very sought after destinations for thermal remedies, a form of natural medicine existing in Italy since the Roman periods. Sicily is a region of water and volcanoes and it provides an extensive selection of treatments for individuals who wish to unwind from stress and daily life by “spa”. In thermal spas and wellness centers one can locate beauty treatments, various regenerating, curative and, undoubtedly. The most celebrated spas are Sciacca, with its famous Stufe di San Calogero, caverns where belowground seawater mixes with sulphur water from Etna, where the high concentration of steam reaches a temperature of about 40° C, or the Thermae of Acireale.

For enthusiasts of cultural tourism, Sicily is a wellspring of art, history, knowledge and culture. It is here, this island with its balmy climate and enchanting setting that well-known writers such as Salvatore Quasimodo, Giovanni Verga, Luigi Pirandello, Leonardo Sciascia, and Tomasi di Lampedusa discovered their inspiration to write great works including The Leopard along with The House by the Medlar Tree. Today can still plunge into everything the island offers. Embarking on a journey of “spaces” where these renowned writers lived, one can understand the historical, political and societal states that became the setting of their novels.

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Those needing to travel farther back in time will probably be content to see the Greek Temples of Selinunte and Syracuse, in addition to those of Agrigento and of Imera. Not to be forgotten is the Greco Roman theatre of Taormina and the cathedrals left San Giovanni degli Eremiti, notably the Martorana, by the Normans and San Cataldo Churches.

If it’s traditions and customs you’re searching for, a visit to Acireale is almost obligatory; there one can see the Opera of Marionettes and the narrative of Orlando Furioso.
There is plenty of choice for individuals who love cultural events and festivals, too. Countless events take place every year in the awesome scenery of Taormina’s Ancient Theater, including the well-known an award ceremony for the finest films, Cinema Festival.

The warmth and joie de vivre of the Sicilians can be found during the celebration of Carnival, the happiest and most colourful festival of the year.

Many festivals are devoted to the Patron Saints of Sicily mixing folklore religion and tradition into a show of the Sicilians’ profound spiritual devotion. The Festival of the Festival of Saint Agatha in Catania and Saint Rosalia in Palermo are only a few of the numerous events which take place annually through the area.

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Italian food, the must of your charters in Sicily

The exuberance and warmth of yacht charters in Sicily is obvious in its food too, which tells of Sicilians’ fire and care for good food and flavours that are genuine.

And finally, one shouldn’t pass up the renowned Sicilian pastries, mainly prepared with ricotta cheese and almond paste.

IGT and DOP quality symbols protect many Sicilian products, making Sicily one of the heart diets of Mediterranean; it is famous around the world for the genuineness of its own ingredients.
Extra-virgin olive oil, juicy red oranges and also the sweet grapes of Nocellara del Belice of prickly pears and Pantelleria capers, Canicattì, Pachino tomatoes and the olives are some of the outstanding products that differentiate Sicilian food.

We can’t forget the most well-known cheeses, like pecorino and Ragusano, or savory sausages, such as the loaves of Dittaino, like Sant’Angelo salami, or the several types of crispy bread.
And pour a glass of one of the isle’s exquisite, powerful and full-bodied wines, ideal when partnered with its cuisine that is unbeatable.

Yacht charters in Sicily: recommendations and informations to enjoy it truly

With its scenic coastline indented with charming fishing villages and beautiful fine sand beaches and mountainous interior filled with the scent of pine woods and lemon groves, a yacht charter holiday in Sicily embodies the finest of summer in the Mediterranean.

Found just off the southern point of Italy, Sicily is a crossroads of East and West Mediterranean culture perfectly set for crewed yacht vacations that provide natural beauty, historical monuments and clear warm waters in abundance. From Baroque palazzos and Greek temples to the smouldering craters of Mount Etna, this diverse patchwork of landscapes ensures an array of on coast draws as well as a number of unspoilt bays and coves.

Days spent ashore in Sicily can contain numerous significant historical sites including the glorious Taormina Greek amphitheatre with views from the top over the azure of the Ionian Sea. Other must-sees are the stunning Monreale Cathedral and also the ethereal Valley of the Temples whilst on the south shore you’ll find quite a few secret coves and miles of scraggy unspoilt shoreline.

The best period to enjoy your sailing charters in Sicily

Yachting around the Isle is remarkably popular in the months between April and November. The ports have between 50 to 100 positions, but these do get filled immediately. Some of the marinas that are finest to stay at which has great facilities and amenities are: on Porto Nuovo at Catania and the east shore Porto Vecchio. In the north Marina Villa Igiea at Palermo, Marina San Nicolo L’Arena in Marina Sude, Marina del Nettuno in Milazzo and Marina di Portorosa in Furnari being among the largest. In the south Marina Sciacca and in the west Marina Trapani is recommended as good ports to berth.

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Charter Itineraries in Sicily

Sicily’s ideal scenario allows for an extensive collection of luxury yacht charter itinerary options to suit any number of requirements. This could comprise stop-offs along Italy’s Amalfi Coast, for example Genoa, Naples and Salerno also as off-lying islands including Sardinia and Corsica. The Sicilian capital of Palermo offers a perfect base for charters and is a popular and important destination for superyachts in the area. You can also explore places in the vicinity of the Greek Islands, such as the breath.
For more information regarding renting a private luxury charter yacht in Sicily please contact us, to allow our managers to plan your dream itinerary, combining the needs of your party with guidance about the finest time to visit.